Based on a square, the zon-mai has the shape of a house.

The dimensions

Total height: 6 meters

Length: 6 meters

Width: 6 meters

Façade: 6 x 4, 50 m (+2,25 m for the roof)

Screens and video projectors

17 videos, 2 to 5 minutes long are projected back to back on each of the zon-mai’s façade. These videos were made by Gilles Delmas from Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s choreographies. The entire surface is made of retro-projecting screens.

The images are projected from inside the structure to cover the 6 exterior sides of the zon-mai. The images are divided in 4 on the lateral sides, in 2 on the front and the back with a triangular image on each side, designed to fit the shape of the house. A large image structured by the supporting axis is projected on the roof.  

The structure

A metal frame in aluminum structures the house. The fire-proof screens on which the images are projected are hung to the structure by elastic straps.
Conceived as an moving structure, the zon-mai can be taken into pieces and moved on its 4 casters.

The computers and the sound

A network of 3 PC controls the video-projectors by sending them video flux. The PC network synchronizes the images as well as the sound which is spread through 4 amplified low voltage speakers.

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See the vidéo of the making-of the la zon-mai

Conception © Gilles Delmas

Audio - Interview Marc Boyer - Lardux films

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avril 2007 // PARIS